Documents required
It is important to check the documents and health requirements necessary to enter the country to which you intend to travel.

A valid passport or identity card is always necessary and must be presented to the relevant authorities in the country you wish to enter.

Children under 10 must be recorded on their parents’ passports. A photograph is not needed.
Children between the ages of 10 and 16 must be recorded on their parents’ passports with a photograph.

For countries where a passport is not required:
Children under 16 must carry a birth certificate with a photograph provided by the local registry office and authorised by the local police station.

In any case, children over 16 must have a personal travel document. A driving license is not acceptable as an identity document for people travelling from Italy and is not acceptable as n identity document abroad.

For further information please visit the Polizia di Stato web site.

Some countries, for the protection of their guests’ health, require obligatory vaccinations and special preventive measures.


At the airport

Baby Changing Facilities
All toilets are equipped with baby changing facilities.
A special case with a baggage tag is available for pushchairs so that it can be carried in the cargo hold. If you wish to keep the pushchair beyond the check in desk area you can do so but must hand it over to a member of staff when boarding, it will be given back to you upon arrival at your destination.

In flight arrangements

Children under 2 years old
Infants must be held in an adult’s arms while on board. Tickets for infants cost much less than those for adults and items necessary (pushchairs, nappies etc) up to a weight of 5 kg may be carried free of charge.
Two infants must travel with two adults in different rows as, in the case of an emergency, only one extra oxygen mask is available, one infant has the right to their own seat on payment of the child fee (see below).
Children between the ages of 2 and 12
Children between 2 and 12 years old are entitled to their own seat at a lower price with the same baggage allowance as an adult.
Unaccompanied Minors
You must notify your airline of any minors between the ages of 4 and 12 who will be travelling alone. An airport assistant will look after your child until boarding time; they will then be looked after by a flight attendant on board. The parent or supervisor concerned must remain at the airport until takeoff.
Any children between the ages of 12 and 14 (up to 17 with some airlines) who wish to use the same system must make such a request on booking the ticket.
Special meals
Airlines offer special meals for children and different meals are available for children of different ages. These must be requested at the time of booking. It is advisable to provide the child with any special food requirements, as it is not possible to personalise the meals.

Pregnant Passengers

Please inform your airline if you will be pregnant during travel, this is especially important in the last four weeks of pregnancy, if the pregnancy is considered high-risk or if twins are expected.


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